The ESBEs new product line circulation units turned out to be a big success. The product has been appreciated by customers and won Red Dot award for the best design. Taking all feedback from our customers we decided to take another step in this product area. This resulted in a completely new product.

ESBE assortment now also contains a combination of TWO circulation units and a manifold covered under one insulation shell. The new approach of the designing components gives a wide range of possibilities to set up a system from two direct groups up to two mix groups. The unit has a compact and clean design. With the size of 400x404x159 and performance of 2000l/min we set a new standard on the market, when we speak size to performance.


Focus when designing was set on capacity of the manifold and by pass function.

The end result shows a manifold which can transfer up to 2000 l/h. Designed with a thermal separation between flow and return line and with integrated hydraulic separation.
The hydraulic part can always be upgraded to direct or mixed group on installation place. Series Double circulation Unit DDA111 and DAA111 are equipped with Wilo pumps and ball valves with thermome-ters and check valves.


The heart of the unit is the set ESBEs actuator ARA and rotating valve VRG, connected via QuickFit pull and push solution wich reduces the assembly time (no tools needed). The VRG valve has progressive characteristic which gives a huge advantage over the rotating valves on the market. A smooth opening of the valve secures the right performance of the group, eliminating oversizing issues. When it is needed this valve behaves as a small valve, on the other hand when you need shoot energy to the system you get it as well.

The new approach for ESBE double circulation units gives a wide range of possibilities to set up a system; from two direct groups up to two mix groups since the groups can be adjusted or upgraded after installation by simple adding or dismounting components.

• Flexible and easy to install
• Two units in one insulation shell
• ESBEs Valve Technology with progressive characteristic
• ESBEs Actuator Technology with QuickFIT connection, a perfect match with the valve
• Manifold with by-pass with ON/OFF function
• Leaving room for upgrades on the installation place
• Up to 2000l/h energy transfer
• No more cables – clean connection and cable disposal
• The Size: 400x404x159mm

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