We are proud to inform, that one of our employees in the ESBE team has gained renewed confidence in her board work for The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA). Heat pumps have been recognized as one of the keys for achieving the EU's climate and energy goals and increasing our energy security.




ESBE's Małgorzata Smuczyńska elected to EHPA Board for the third time

ESBE truly encourage the important work for sustainability that The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) accomplish.


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We are especially proud that ESBE Regional Sales Director East and MD Małgorzata Smuczyńska is one of fifteen members of the new board of directors. Representing PORT PC and the Polish heat pump industry in the European arena.



Małgorzata tells us she is grateful to be elected to the EHPA board for the third time:


“I feel honored to be in the team of such great people and I’m happy that I can actively work to protect the environment through the development and popularization of this brilliant technology.”


Małgorzata  and six out of fifteen board members the in European Heat Pump Association 2024-2026




The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) is an organization that promotes the use of heat pumps in Europe. EHPA actively promotes heat pumps as a sustainable way to heat and cool buildings. They drive campaigns highlighting the benefits of heat pumps, like reduced carbon emissions and increased energy efficiency.
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Thomas Nowak, outgoing General Secretary of the European Heat Pump Association summarizes the new board's composition.
“I am confident that this excellent board – made up of manufacturers, national associations and research institutes from a wide range of countries, all deeply rooted in the European market – will provide invaluable wisdom, oversight and balance. This will allow EHPA to continue to fulfill and expand its role as the voice of a leading net zero sector which has a central role to play in the decarbonisation of European heating and cooling.”

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