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Circulation units

Circulation Units are Plug&Play devices for quick and easy system setup. The products are used for the heat distribution and temperature control. Direct supply, constant temperature control with thermostatic mixing valve, or mixing function with motorized mixing valve and even equipped with controllers, the wide range of products allows to choose preferred solution.

Fresh Hydro Units

ESBE Fresh Hydro Units stands for outstanding performance in potable water installations. It is a modern and efficient way of potable water heating.

Separation units

ESBE System units
ESBE Separation Units for systems with one or two heat sources in a hybrid system where hydraulic system separation (separation of fluids in different sub systems) is needed.

Rotary Valves

ESBE rotary valves regulate the heating comfort of millions of households across Europe.

Rotary Actuators

ESBE actuators are reliable swedish ones for energy-efficient regulation in heating and cooling systems.

Rotary units

ESBE valve and actuator delivered as a set in an all-in-one package.


ESBEs all controllers have in common that they for real deliver comfort, safety and energy savings.

Room thermostats

ESBE Series of room thermostats offer a assortment from the most simple electro-mechanical to advanced wireless programmable room thermostats.

Solid Fuel products

ESBE solid fuel products have been developed primarily to ensure easier installation and regulation.

Diverting Valves

ESBE diverting valves are designed for rapidly switching the flow direction between two circuits.

Zone Valves

ESBE series of zone valves for use in heating and cooling systems. Valve and actuator delivered as a set in an all-in-one package.

Thermostatic Units

ESBE thermostatic units deliver additional and new features in various kind of systems.

Linear Valves

ESBE linear valves ensure precise adjustment and problem-free operation for many years.

Linear Actuators

ESBE linear actuators gives a perfect match to ESBE linear valves for energy-efficient regulation in heating and cooling systems.

Linear units

ESBE Linear units is a range of fast controll valves with an integrated actuator.

Complementary Products

ESBE complementary products are small, but important, components that complete the installation.