Maria started working at ESBE in autumn 2022. How does she enjoy her work? What does a CFO do? We wanted to find out, so we booked a chat with her.

Who hides behind the CFO title, Chief Financial Officer, at ESBE? None other than Maria E Catoni. We asked her some expected and unexpected questions to get to know her better.

Hi Maria, and welcome to ESBE! First a question about your name: What does E stand for?

The reason for the E is that there was already a Maria Catoni at the company, so I had to add something to my email to distinguish myself. My name is also Eva, hence the E, but I thought that for an outsider it could also be associated with finance. The other Maria and I are sisters-in-law, she is married to my little brother.

You started your position as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in October 2022. What are your duties?
I do lots of different things. Mainly, my position is associated with leading, developing and managing the work in the finance department. I draw up financial plans and I’m responsible for the legal accounting and reporting, but I also analyze our company’s figures and results from a profitability and cost perspective. I’m responsible for monthly accounts, annual accounts, declaration and tax issues at the company. Contact with banks, accountants, insurance companies and leasing companies also ends up on my desk.

 Being newly hired in your case means that you have left a position. What made you do that?
I worked as CAO (Chief Accounting Officer) at a listed company in the region, but since I had heard a lot of positive things about ESBE, I was curious when they were looking for a CFO. The fact that the workplace is in the same place as where I live is an appreciated bonus.

 What is the best thing about the job?
That it’s so very varied.

 Is there anything challenging about the service?
The business system we work with. 😉

What has made you feel especially good at your new workplace?
The family atmosphere. Despite the fact that ESBE is a fairly large company, there is a lovely and inclusive atmosphere.


Personal portrait

How old are you?
I’m in my prime 😊

Where do you live?
I live in a villa in Reftele with my husband and three children. The family also includes the cat Musse, who is a full family member to the highest degree.

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do?
I like to work in the garden, exercise a fair amount and I like to read a good book..

Which came first – the chicken or the egg?
A philosophical question where you can argue for both, but I think the egg came first.

If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be and why? 
Oh, I never thought about that. Bambse* maybe. It would have been fun to be strong but also because he’s kind and fair.

Finally. If you were all powerful for a day, what three things would you make happen?
I would see to it that there was peace, equality and an end to global warming.

Thank you Maria, and a warm welcome to team ESBE!

*Bamse is a Swedish cartoon character who becomes the world’s strongest bear when he eats his grandmother’s thunder honey. He’s always the kindest bear in the world.

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