Football enthusiast Darren Myers is ESBE’s Sales Director for the UK and Ireland, a role he approaches with great enthusiasm.

ESBE Ambassador – Meet Darren Myers

Darren Myers is full of energy. His patience may not be the best, but he’s working on it, and each year it gets a bit better, he says. Passion and commitment run as a common thread through everything Darren does, and currently, he is in the process of putting together a British and Irish trading platform for the ESBE brand. It should go smoothly for a winning spirit like Darren.

Breaking new ground for ESBE

ESBE was not unfamiliar to Darren when he applied for the position of Sales Director. In fact, he had previously collaborated with ESBE’s CEO, Peter Cerny, at a former workplace. He was also familiar with ESBE’s products, making the job more attractive.

When asked about a typical workday, Darren explains that he’s in the process of creating a trading platform for ESBE’s UK market, something he has experience with.

“My days are filled with many phone calls, a lot of Teams meetings, and many visits. It’s extremely exciting and some days very frustrating.”

The frustration can be largely explained by Darren’s nature, or as he puts it:

“I’m very tenacious and want everything now – today! It’s frustrating to be energetic and impatient, and despite getting older every year, I still practice learning patience.”

Being a pioneer and paving the way for the ESBE brand suits Darren perfectly. He loves setting up customer accounts and working with the right partners. The only thing that might cause issues is Darren’s accent.

“I work with fantastic people whom I consider my friends, even if they don’t always understand my accent.”

Darren speaks English with a Geordie accent, the oldest dialect still spoken in England. Geordie is also what people from Newcastle and Tyneside are called. Originally from Newcastle, Darren and his family now live further west, in Ramsbottom, Lancashire.


What everyone should know about ESBE

Darren is passionate and enthusiastic about his role at ESBE, something he believes others should adopt to succeed and thrive in the workplace.

“Be passionate and enthusiastic about your job and the company you work for. If you are, people can’t help but be drawn to your energy. Do what you say! Don’t give up!”

We ask Darren if there’s something he thinks everyone should know about ESBE’s products. He explains that the product range should interest many, especially the fact that the products are manufactured in Sweden.

“Personally, I really like the circulation units , and I see potential opportunities with projects in the UK.”

He continues to describe the company culture at ESBE as stylish, considered, and clever. These are qualities he also attributes to the products, and it’s what he believes people find appealing about the company.

“The quality stands out from a mile. I also think ESBE’s environmental commitment matters. Just look at our results to see that we take significant responsibility for sustainability. We don’t act sustainably just to tick a box; we do it because we care about the future of people. That’s why I believe ESBE as a company will be bigger and stronger in 10 years, and even more fantastic people will work here.”

Getting to know the winning spirit Darren Myers

If we get more personal, football has played a significant role in Darren’s life.

“When I was young, I played football at a very high level. In fact, I played Leeds and with all the scouts there at 15 years old, but on that crucial day, I didn’t have a good day. However, the central midfielder I was supposed to mark did. I was naturally gutted, but I continued to play football for the joy of it rather than for a career.”

Darren explains that football has taught him respect, determination, and a will to win. The latter is not always appreciated, at least not according to Darren’s wife.

“I’m very competitive. Second place is the first loser, in my view. It’s a trait my wife doesn’t like, so I have fun exaggerating it,” Darren laughs.

For the past 15 years, Darren has been a football coach. He has experience coaching both youth teams for boys and girls and senior teams for women and men. Currently, he leads an under-18 football team, but he’s also a coach in a professional academy where he coaches children and youth under 8, 11, and 14 years old. But it doesn’t end there. He’s in the process of embarking for a UEFA B coaching license (he already has level 1, UEFA C).

“Football is similar to business. It’s about getting the best out of people. For me, football is a legacy passed down from generation to generation. I always promised to give something back after my playing career because coaches did it for me.”

Giving back can evidently be done across borders. When Darren visited Reftele, he acted as a guest coach for the women’s team RÅs LB. The team is a merger of women’s football activities from the clubs: Bredaryd Lanna IK, Reftele Goif, and Västboås Goif. One who knows how Darren is as a coach is Julia Holm, who works in ESBE’s customer support.


Darren and players in RÅs LB. Darren in the blue jersey in the middle at the back and Julia Holm, the third player from the left in the front row.

“Darren held a very interesting and fun training session. The biggest difference was that Darren was much more straightforward and honest than we (Swedes) are used to. Often, he stopped training to explain what was bad and how we could do it differently. He also stopped to praise when someone did something good. Darren’s training setup was different from how we usually train, and we had to spend a lot of time reflecting and thinking a little extra. A fun detail was that we got to do exercises we hadn’t done before. As a team, we all agree that we would like to see Darren as a guest coach more times.”

More about Darren Myers: 

Married for 20 years to a wife who will receive an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from King Charles. Two sons, Max (18 years old) and Sonny (15 years old). The dog Buddy.

Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England

Dream Job:
Tester of football boots or Cheesecake Assessor

Favorite Sport:
Football, not surprisingly. Darren supports Toon (Newcastle United). He occasionally plays golf, but, according to him, he’s generally not very good at it.

If Darren could decide what happens in the world and the universe, then…
...We would respect and accept everyone. We are all different for a reason.


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