The XII Congress of the Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technology Development (PORT PC) took place in Warsaw on June 13, 2024. Managing Director Małgorzata Smuczyńska in ESBE Poland was a speaker at the event.

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It is becoming our tradition - ESBE Poland is a sponsor and participant of the prestigious annual Congress event, which focuses on the challenges of the heat pump industry. This year topic was Heat pumps in the era of dynamic tariffs! 


The congress takes place every year and is the most important event of the industry. It gathers numerous specialists in heating and installation industry. This meeting is a perfect place to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as integrate and grow your network.
This year we had the honor of meeting and attending lectures by many well-known guests and experts, including:

  • President of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) - Patrick Crombez - a special guest of the event - gave us a lecture on Heat pumps, the perspective of recent years and views for the future.


  • Wojciech Racięcki - Director of the National Center for Research and Development. Mr. Wojciech Racięcki, together with Małgorzata Smuczyńska and other participants, led a debate on the prospects for the development of heat pumps in Poland. 


  • Mrs. Monika Morawiecka - Senior Advisor - Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). Mrs. Morawiecka prepared a lecture on the use of dynamic tariffs in buildings heated with heat pumps. The lecture triggered a heated discussion.


  • D.Eng. Marek Miara - Business Developer Heat Pumps at the Fraunhofer Institute ISE - member of the EHPA Board of Directors and member of PORT PC. Mr. Marek Miara gave a lecture on Prospects for the development of heat pump technology in the European Union.

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During the congress we had the opportunity to participate in panel discussions not only with specialists from Poland, but also from abroad and with representatives of public institutions. The topic of electricity prices and the quality of heat pump installations and support programs - which is a hot topic today - were raised several times. It is extremely important during the ongoing energy transition in Europe, in the development of green energy solutions and the introduction of EU directives to move away from the use of fossil fuels as a source for buildings heating. 
ESBE has always been committed to sustainable development and is following the EU strategy on energy transition, so we are already ready for the ongoing changes. 
Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate and support such an important event. See you next year!

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