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Do you heat your house with solid fuel, are you perhaps already familiar with ESBE’s LTC200 series ? A further developed product, ESBE series LTC300, is soon to be launched. The new load unit is equipped with a number of smart and reliable features, while at the same time it’s good looking in usual ESBE manner.


We have taken note of the benefits of the series’ predecessors and further developed them. Series LTC300 is developed and optimized to be a reliable partner for the boiler.


Some of the benefits of ESBE series LTC300

New pump!

  • - The pump from previous series has been replaced with a new one
  • -  3 different pump sizes, 4 m, 6 m and 8 m
  • -  Lower energy efficiency index (EEI) ≤0.20

New design!

  • -  The insulation shell has been given a facelift in line with our circulation units 
  • -  The shell consists of 25 percent recycled material

Updated thermometers!

  • -  The thermometers have been moved for more accurate reading
  • -  The market’s most accurate temperature indication


Stay tuned! The LTC series will be launched shortly.