At ESBE’s subsidiary in Poland, Jacek Czyż works as area sales manager. He chooses the ESBE VRG130 as his personal favorite product.


Jacek Czyż lives in a detached house with his wife and daughter. A heat pump heats the family’s house through underfloor heating. When we ask him if he has any energy-saving tips, he gives the following advice: reduce heat transfer using better thermal insulation, use solar cells in combination with a heat pump, that is, use renewable energy sources if you have the opportunity because it not only contributes to reduced energy consumption it also helps us protect the environment.


One of the words in ESBE’s core values is safety, what does that mean to you?

Safety usually goes hand in hand with high product quality. As we all know, ESBE products are manufactured in Sweden, so we therefore have full control over the entire process. Thanks to this reliability, we can be sure that ESBE products will last for many years.

Which ESBE product is your favorite?

The rotary valve VRG130

 Tell us more about it, what kind of product is it?

The series VRG130 consists of 3-way mixing valves. The valves are made of a special brass alloy, which makes them suitable for use in heating and cooling systems. The series VRG is available in sizes DN15–50, with different types of connections. The valves work perfectly with ESBE actuators and regulators.


 What is so good about this product?

The VRG valve gives you excellent control for maximum performance.
• Low internal leakage
• Compact and easy to install
• Durability aspect and long lasting
•  The VRG valve fits perfectly with ESBE’s range of actuators and controllers.

Do you have any good tips/areas of use where the product is suitable?

By using the VRG130 valve together with a control unit, you can reduce energy consumption. The valve works perfectly with ESBE actuator ARA600 or ESBE controller CRX200.

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