Signed OEM Assignment with ESBE Signature


Over the years, ESBE, together with varied OEM partners, has made a difference in people's everyday lives through smart product solutions for different applications.

ESBE has several successful OEM projects together with various OEM partners. We present some of the projects here.

Producer:  Bosch

Designation: HIU


Product description:

The product "Heat Interface Unit" (HU) supplies district heating-connected properties and properties with centralized boiler systems with domestic hot water and room heating.HIU is ideal for small-scale district heating applications, such as flats and apartment buildings. The product also works for buildings that use uneconomic direct-acting electricity or that may have individual gas appliances in each property. A centralised heating concept allows the client to take full advantage of a low-carbon heat source or a modular/hybrid configuration with high-efficiency boilers. HIU is a premium product designed to meet both the latest and future market requirements.

Product function:

The 2-way SLB valve handles the control of the hot water flow on the primary side in order to achieve the desired temperature of both the heating and domestic hot water on the secondary side. The precision of the control and the fast operating time of the valve ensure the best performance, with the functions of the SLB valve ensuring the unit reacts quickly to temperature changes and heat requirements. This means that the temperature delivered on the secondary side is always correct. In this way, the customer is always guaranteed a high level of comfort. 2-way thermostatic valves from the VTF series function as safety devices. These valves are responsible for limiting the flow/temperature if the temperatures are exceeded on the secondary side.

ESBE products used:

ESBE SLB120 (2 motorised valves)
ESBE VTF322 70.5°C 20-1.6 G3/4"
ESBE VTF522 45°C 25-3.0 G1"/ESBE VTF522 55°C 25-3.0 G1"

Note: The customer needs 2x 2-way SLB valves for regulating heating water
on the primary side, in order to be able to control the exact temperature of heating and domestic hot water on the secondary side.

Thermostatic 2-way valves from the VTF series are used as over-temperature protection for domestic hot water and underfloor heating.


Producer:  Swegon

Designation: Paragon


Product description:

Paragon is a comfort module for hotel rooms and public spaces. The product itself is an air handling unit that controls the indoor climate. Thanks to Compact Change Over (CCO) technology the same circuit is used in the coil for both heating and cooling. This gives maximum utilisation of the coil and thus a higher cooling and heating capacity. The combination of higher cooling water temperature and lower heating water temperature means the operating economy of both cooling units and heat pumps is improved. Lower energy consumption results in lower operating costs and less environmental impact. Swegon offers a unique and award-winning total solution for hotels where both hardware and software interact for an unbeatable indoor climate, with maximum energy and cost efficiency.

Product function:

The 6-way valve replaces two 2-way valves that control hot and cold water in the application. Instead of having two valves, a single valve is used to control both cold and hot water in the same circuit. By using the 6-way valve to regulate the water in the circuit, the amount of energy needed is reduced. For cold water, the energy reduction is 20 percent and for hot water it is 60 percent. With a heat pump as the source, the COP increases from 3.7 to 5.0.

ESBE products used:

ESBE CCO-6-way valve


Producer:  ÖKOFEN

Designation: Pellaqua Accumulator Tank


Product description:

ÖkoFEN has developed the Pellaaqua series. The accumulator tank serves as an optimal and coordinated interface between the pellet boiler and the solar collector. The three Pellaqua series tank models have different design possibilities and offer an optimal solution for the heating system. The tank is equipped with an ESBE 2 pump group (compact version) and ÖkoFEN drinking water station. The fresh water station is equipped with an ESBE VTC500, which includes the calcification protection function.

Product function:

The tank accumulates heat which used to prepare the domestichot water but the heat is also distributed to the heating circuits. ESBE products are responsible for the heat distribution, with the pump groups (COMPACT) and VTC500 used in the drinking water station to prevent calcification and protect the plate heat exchanger.

ESBE products used:


Note: The set is used as an accessory