Twenty-five new colleagues and there will be more... What’s happening at ESBE?



There is feverish activity at ESBE’s headquarters and associated factory in Sweden. Since the summer, 25 new hires have strengthened the team, and more are expected.

Runaway energy prices and problems with energy supply are accelerating the European energy transition. Something that we at ESBE are highly involved in, both in terms of development and manufacturing. Our products help property owners with energy-efficient solutions for heating, cooling and tap water systems.

To meet the market’s increasing demand, we have a constant need for different kinds of vacancies, e.g. assembly personnel, purchasers, production planners and development engineers. This is a natural part of our expanding production. 
In 2022, we inaugurated our latest renovation and extension, which is one of the largest in the ESBE history. Thanks to the new building, we can offer more jobs while consolidating our vision of remaining in Reftele. 

What is it like to be a new employee at ESBE? 

We asked Ann Sigfridsson, who started in the VTA line’s assembly department in August 2022. 
“I think it was very fun to start working here. Of course, there was a lot to think about and a bit difficult at the beginning, but even now after a few months I feel quite independent. I don’t have as many questions anymore anyway, haha. 

When asked how she enjoys herself, Ann pays tribute to her colleagues: 
“I have been well received and my colleagues have plenty of patience. I really enjoy it! It’s a lovely environment to be in, clean and tidy and nice colleagues. 

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