How is it that you choose to stay at the same company for over 40 years? We asked Tomas Karlsson about what has made him thrive.


18 people who have been employed for 25 years or more work at ESBE in Sweden. These employees make up just over 10 percent. If we delve into the statistics, it looks like this: eight people have been employed for 30 years or more and five employees have helped us reap success for 40 years or more. The colleague who worked here for 47 years has the highest number of years of employment! We are extremely grateful for all our employees. You enrich us as a company.

Meet ESBE ambassador Tomas Karlsson

Tomas Karlsson, 65 years old, is one of many employees at ESBE with long employment. In recent years, Tomas has worked as a key user within the business system (MPS) and with planning/logistics. Like so many others at ESBE, he started as an assembler and factotum in production and planning. Over time, he transitioned to working as a group leader and then to production planning for both Reftele and the former subsidiary in the nearby community of Gnosjö.
“I’ve managed quite a lot”, says Tomas

To plan your own time
On February 23, 2022, after just over 44 years, it was time for retirement. Now Tomas has enjoyed half a year of fully planning his time himself and he likes it!
“I can use more time for my own interests and hopefully continue to develop within these. But, of course, I miss all my nice colleagues!”


Tomas Karlsson

What could a typical working day at ESBE look like?
“The normal working day was varied. A large part was about ongoing, long-term planning of various materials and component planning. Maintenance and updates of basic data in ESBE’s system and planning for upcoming jobs and for new materials.
Was there anything in the job that felt challenging?
Tomas believes that ESBE is a responsible, purposeful, and growing company where new solutions and updates are constantly on demand. When existing routines and systems change, new challenges are created. For Tomas, it could, for example, be about taking over a planning service in production, changing business systems, product updates of, for example, VRG valves and ARA actuators that required changing material no., suppliers, structures, etc.
Recently, solutions for material management, forecasts, and the phase-in and phase-out of both new and old products were the biggest challenges.
“Some challenges can feel very tough, but at the same time they are often inspiring. I think that many of the challenges I’ve had over the years have made me enjoy my work even more.”


The colleagues are missed, but it’s close to ESBE and it’s always possible to visit to have a chat


“The employees at ESBE work as a team that helps each other and lifts each other up and takes advantage of differences and knowledge. There are development opportunities and new ideas are always welcome. ESBE’s core values: Long-term Strategy, Leadership and Compassion are present in the way we work and act.”

The colleagues are missed, but it’s close to ESBE and it’s always possible to visit to have a chat!

Varied work created conditions for well-being
Forty years in the same workplace that never felt monotonous and boring. How is that possible? For Tomas, it has been about changing both tasks and services as well as updating his own knowledge to meet the requirements. This has made the working day exciting and in this way Tomas has gained new experiences, new knowledge and new colleagues.

What are your best tips for succeeding and enjoying a long time in a workplace?
“It's more fun at work when you can actively participate in positive development!”

Tomas’ 5 short tips for creating an attractive workplace
• It should be fun to work
• Training and challenges
• Support from the company in these challenges
• Varying work assignments
• Fellowhip and spirit of well-being







In conclusion, what has been the most fun and exciting?

“A lot! Among other things, when the work with production planning started and we worked very close to production. Since few of us at that time were specialized in a specific field, the tasks became very varied, plus the cooperation with the production made the working days very educational and fun.