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Collaboration between ESBE and Essco brings energy savings for this district heating system refurbishment » Read more about the collaboration between Essco and ESBE


Since 2007, ESBE has enjoyed a close and successful partnership with Essco Group. As a company, we share the same goal, namely, to design and deliver energy-efficient products and systems. Essco are the main distributor of ESBE’s products in the UK, and from time to time we develop smart energy-efficient solutions together.




Joint project for Stockport Homes

Stockport Homes upgraded the heating system to low rise apartments in the Lancashire Hill area in Stockport in order to improve system efficiencies and reduce costs for residents. As part of these works our partner, Essco Group, supplied heat interface units to replace individual hot water tanks in each home.

This social housing scheme features 292 homes that are connected to a district heating network that supplies six buildings, all of which are managed by Stockport Homes. 

Each apartment now includes an Essco heat interface unit that features two ESBE valves and actuators for the efficient control of the heating and hot water.

The software in the actuators is developed to operate the valves in the most efficient way possible to save energy. In the development work, we were also careful that the valve together with the actuator would create a platform that can be developed and improved, so that the system can be adapted to future requirements.