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ESBE proudly presents the latest addition among the actuators. A user-friendly and strong all-in-one actuator built on the same platform as the popular M90.


For us at ESBE, it’s important to develop products that are not only energy-efficient and equipped with high performance and comfort. Design and, above all, user-friendliness are at least as important ingredients in a successful ESBE product. We are therefore pleased to present the proportional actuator 93P.

The 93P actuator replaces three predecessors

The 93P actuator combines the functions of three existing proportional ESBE actuators, namely 92P, 92P2 and 92P4. Thanks to the PCB upgrade and streamlining of the components, we have achieved a flexible and user-friendly all-in-one product that is easy to use and install.


Benefits when choosing actuator 93P

•    3-in-1 solution 
•    Flexible operating range, 90–355 °
•    Adjustable running time (60-390 seconds) 
•    Voltage or current control signal for precise operation of the valve 
•    Manual operating function 
•    Easy operating setup via DIPs 
•    Perfect partner for valves series F (DN 15 – DN 100) 
•    Easily manually operated by disconnection button and lever
•    With an adapter set, actuator 93P can be mounted on all of ESBE’s wide assortment of mixing valves


Learn more about actuator 93P on the product page » 
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