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ESBE belongs to the exclusive group of Swedish companies that can handle Bisnode’s tough credit rating system AAA (highest credit rating). » We tell you more about the credit rating system


ESBE as company meets high standards from a credit rating point of view, creating extra security for both customers and suppliers. We hope and believe that the quality stamp shows that we are an attractive business partner. The fact that we’ve achieved the highest credit rating over several years shows that we have healthy growth, are stable in the market and a good trustworthy partner.

What does the AAA quality stamp mean? 

At its launch in 1989, Bisnode’s credit rating system AAA became the world’s first computerized expert system for valuing a company’s financial strength and ability to pay. Today, the system is the most proven in the Nordic region and the reliability is 90 percent when it comes to predicting a company with bankruptcy one year in advance. And there is a lot to keep track of. The credit ratings for about 1,500 Swedish companies change on average every day and Bisnode is therefore careful to keep the information up-to-date.
This is how the credit rating system AAA is interpreted 
There are different levels in the credit rating system. Below are the different ratings for limited companies.

AAA rating

Credit rating in words



Highest credit rating

Very good ability to meet current payment obligations


Good creditwothiness

Good ability to meet current payment obligations



Sufficient ability to meet current payment obligations


Start-up company

No known negative information about the company. Developments should be followed


Credit against security

Low credit rating. The company’s ability to meet current payment obligations is considered to be uncertain. Developments should be followed.


Credit advised against

High credit risk. The company’s ability to meet current payment obligations is considered to be very weak.

Not determined rating

Material information is missing or out of date. Search for more information.

Only limited companies can receive an AAA rating. Individual companies, trading companies and limited partnerships can get AA as the highest and their tables look a little different in terms of interpretation.


Only limited companies that receive AAA, highest credit rating 
This is what Bisnode themselves say about companies that are given an AAA rating. 
“AAA – Highest credit rating. The highest credit rating a limited liability company can receive. It is required, among other things, that the company has a turnover of more than SEK two million, has an estimated equity of at least SEK two hundred thousand and has been active for at least ten years and has key figures that are significantly above the industry average. The company must also have an auditor. ” 

How is the assessment made? 
The assessment takes place according to an automatic set of rules that is based on more than 2,000 combinations of decision rules. The current information is collected from Bisnode’s own data but also from Swedish authorities such as the Swedish Companies Registration Office, Statistics Sweden, the Swedish Tax Agency, District Courts, the Swedish Enforcement Agency, the National Land Survey and others. The collected information is then analyzed on the basis of a number of different decision rules.

 Credit rating is based on four partial reviews: 
1. Ability to pay – closing information, payment remarks and applications, payment index 
2. Age / business – the company’s age, industry, size / number of employees 
3. Finances – year-end information, industry key figures, corporate mortgages, bankruptcy claims, property holdings 
4. Owner / management – payment remarks on members, members’ bankruptcy involvement, signals of insolvency in parent / subsidiary, incomplete or unauthorized board