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To meet increased demand, ESBE’s head office in Reftele has strengthened the organization with no less than 18 new employees! » Learn more about ESBE’s reinforced team

ESBE is experiencing an increase in demand throughout Europe and we have therefore strengthened the head office’s team to best meet our customers’ needs. In numbers, this means that production/assembly has been reinforced with 11 new committed employees. Production engineers, team leaders and developers are other exciting services we have added to increase efficiency and service level. Last but not least, increased sales of ESBE’s products also mean increased pressure on customer support. Therefore, the support has been welcomed by three more colleagues with aim for high-quality service.


Axel Liljekvist, Christoffer Liljeblad, Dino Koprivanac, Ellen Nilsson, Fanny Skogsfors, Jim Hakkarainen, Julia Holm, Ludwig Ask, Marcus Melin, Maria Werner, Mattias Sneider, Morgan Jonasson, Patrik Nilsson, Sabine Broy, Sanne Napjus, Tamara Bregman, Thilda Andersson and Wilhelmina Johansson.


Warm welcome!