February and March are the traditional months for many trade fairs. Fairs that are ideal opportunities for customer contact and a show! As one of the leading European manufacturers of products for systems for heating, cooling and tap water, ESBE was of course present at the biggest trade fair of them all: ISH in Frankfurt.

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ESBE's stand location at the fair was ideal and the exhibition theme "OEM solutions", fit perfectly with the European trend of combining renewable energy sources in efficient hybrid solutions.
Cajsa Roos, Team Leader at the Market Communication Department in Sweden who, together with Julia Mayr at ESBE German subsidiary, was the driving force in the fair planning, feels grateful and filled with energy from the fair:

−    We have had people in the booth from opening to closing. This has been extremely important to us.  We have met many new customers and had productive meetings, but the fantastic thing is that I was still bubbly and alert when I got home after the fair - ESBE at ISH gave me energy!

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Together at ISH

On site at the stand during the week the ESBE sales team from Poland, Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden were present. The team would like to take the opportunity to thank all visitors, colleagues, and organizers for a successful fair. 

−    The results of our efforts at ISH have exceeded our expectations. Products and solutions for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems were presented at the stand, which made visitors curious. Heat pumps and hybrid solutions have been hot topics. We have met up with many new customers who are interested in working with ESBE, says Henrik Hallberg, Manager International OEM Coordination


−    With its high-quality products and unique exhibition stand, ESBE was an attention-grabbing meeting place at the fair. We have got in touch with many new potential customers and further strengthened our relationships with existing ones, so our fair participation has been worth all the preparation and hard work, says a contented Frank Heninger, General Manager of ESBE GmbH.

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New products


The fair in Frankfurt was also a great opportunity for ESBE to introduce innovative products. Among these were:

•    GRC200a Circulation unit designed for heating circuits where control via weather or indoor/outdoor temperature and pump control is required. Delivered with a built-in pump control that enables pump control in eight different ways.

•    CRS200 – A constant temperature control unit for domestic hot water applications. Thanks to a smart relay, the CRS200 unit can work in legionella flushing and thermal disinfection mode.

•    News in the SLx series for OEM customers who need linear actuators/control valves with integrated actuators. For example, the latest launch SLP120 which is excellent for use in district heating and district cooling systems.

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OEM solutions and collaboration 

ESBE's focus on the ISH fair - OEM solutions and collaboration to find innovative system solutions and components, was received with great interest by the visitors. Read more in the brochure OEM Solutions.

Brochure OEM Solutions » 


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