ESBE and corporate social responsibility


ESBE is an advocate of diversity and has a pronounced humanist philosophy. Historically we have always tried to give back to the community in which we operate.

At ESBE a humanist philosophy prevails. Everyone is equal and everyone can experience personal growth if they so desire. Some more than others, and allowances should be made for this. We care about each other, about others, about the environment – and we care about the climate. Even though our individual contribution to a better world is small, it is still greater than if we were to do nothing at all.

Our employees are a critical part of the success of ESBE 

Since our founding in 1906, ESBE’s headquarters office has been in Reftele. The company philosophy is based on the fact that our employees are a critical part of our successes. When a company with ESBE’s history stays in the region, personal ties are formed. Many of ESBE’s employees, like the owners, have worked for a long time at the company.

As part of ensuring that ownership would remain both in the company and the region, the employees were afforded the opportunity to purchase shares in the company. mi. A team effort that bears fruit and establishes a wonderful close-knit community. Our employees at ESBE AB are also participate in our profit-sharing system. 

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In order to establish an attractive workplace, the Skogsfors family as the owner also puts energy and efforts into making Reftele an attractive place to live. One example is when the Municipal Dental Service decided to close its clinic in Reftele. In response, Mats Skogsfors purchased all the fixtures and fittings from the clinic to make it easier for a private dentist to establish themselves, which also happened. Another example is the real estate company Elofslund Fastighets AB, which was established in 2016 and where Christer Skogsfors is the CEO. Up until then, no new properties had been built in Reftele since the 1990s. Today Elofslund Fastighets AB sees itself as a complement to the local government alternatives. In 2018, the first multi-unit residential building was completed containing 12 flats.

Concern is a part of our core values relating to corporate social responsibility 
We have integrally linked three core values to our brand. Words that determine how we are obligated to and will act as a company and as individuals. The words are: Long-term perspective, leadership, and concern for others.
To show our concern, for the past 10 years we have made donations to charities, including to Världens Barn and Bris. We have also sponsored local sports clubs and anti-violence initiatives in schools. To show our concern for the environment, we commissioned an external review of energy consumption, which led to a 37 percent reduction in energy consumption at our plants. Working to provide the factory with green energy, we are a partner in a wind energy converter.