We are proud and delighted to receive the Career Company of the Year award (‘Karrärföretag’). This recognition is given to employers providing unique career and development opportunities for students and employees.

Every year, Karriärföretagen designate 400 companies that stand out as exceptional employers. Around 1,000 employers usually meet the basic criteria. Of these, 400 proceed to evaluation by an expert panel comprising specialists in HR, communication, and social media. After the assessment, just over half remain. ESBE is one of these companies! Nothing could make us happier! A big and heartfelt THANK YOU!


Jury’s reasoning:
“ESBE has achieved the status of a Career Company by offering an outstanding work environment that reflects their dedication to hydraulic solutions. The company’s focus on energy efficiency and safety in heating, cooling, and tap water systems aligns with their commitment to the well-being of their employees. With a strong emphasis on design and innovation, and a clear environmental awareness, ESBE is not only a leading manufacturer but also a preferred employer promoting a work culture that encourages growth and development.”


This is how ESBE works to be an attractive workplace
The more talented employees who work with us, the greater the demands on us as employers. We are an international group with subsidiaries in several countries, and it’s a fundamental incentive for us that everyone feels included and appreciated. The company ESBE is nothing without its fantastic employees. ESBE’s CEO, Peter Cerny, expresses our focus on employees.



“Working at ESBE is teamwork. All employees are involved in some form of the process, and we depend on each other. It’s important that all links in the chain function, and a chain is never stronger than its weakest link. This is one of the reasons why we talk about ONE ESBE-Together . Everyone in the ESBE group together with customers, partners, and distributors are part of ONE ESBE.”


Ylva Carlson, HR Manager



The first contact with ESBE happens through school
“It’s really exciting that we are noticed by Karriärföretagen. I think ESBE has a very permissive climate, and there are opportunities to develop and grow with us. For us, it’s also important to be present in schools and society. We already start locally by inviting children from third grade to visit us, and our commitment extends all the way up to colleges and universities, where we present our business in various forms.”

These words are from Ylva Carlson, HR Manager at ESBE. She explains that ESBE works closely with primary schools in Gislaved’s municipality with the aim of connecting students’ learning with today’s job market. In addition to school visits and web-based education for high school students, ESBE also offers exciting thesis projects for university students.
Stay updated by visiting ESBE’s career page for students and schools. 

What’s it like working at ESBE?
Who better to tell how it is to work at ESBE than those who actually do it. We continually interview our employees. You can find ESBE ambassador stories on our career page. 

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