André Westerbeek enjoys his role as Sales Manager. Collaborating with wholesalers and installers, he contributes to the energy transition in the Netherlands.


André Westerbeek is employed by ESBE’s German subsidiary, ESBE GmbH, as Sales Manager for the Netherlands. With a background in the construction sector, he had experience working with installers, but the ESBE brand was new to André when he applied for the job.

What do you do at ESBE?
Since early 2023, I’ve been working for ESBE GmbH (Germany) as Sales Manager for the Netherlands.
Were you familiar with ESBE before joining?
Before joining ESBE, I wasn’t familiar with the company as I worked in a different industry, namely construction. I collaborated with installers, but with different products. Many installers and employees in the construction sector are aware of the ESBE brand, not only because they use our products, but also because customized products (OEM products) are used by many well-known manufacturers. ESBE is well-known among many people.
What does a typical workday look like?
I’m involved in many exciting activities! On a regular day, I establish contacts with various individuals in the installation industry, such as people in wholesale companies, installation companies, or the installers themselves. I inform them about ESBE’s products, benefits, comfort, and how we can collaborate for mutual success.


Is there anything challenging about your job?
Yes, quite a bit. Every day is a pleasant new challenge. Anticipating what you’ll encounter, the situations you’ll face, and how you’ll facilitate for your customers, the company you work for, and, of course, for yourself. Every day is different, and that’s what makes it delightful. I love meeting and getting to know (new) people and helping them with our solutions. Everyone has their own background and needs.

Is there anything you enjoy or look forward to at work?
Yes, making ESBE even more successful in the Netherlands, and I’m confident we will succeed!

What are your best tips for success and enjoyment in the workplace?
Believe in yourself, do good, and listen to others. Learn from others and use what is useful to you. Grow as a person and keep evolving. Persevere, no matter how tough it may seem at times; there are always opportunities. Enjoy the little things in life; many people don’t even notice them.

What did you not know about ESBE’s products when you started working here – things you think more people should be aware of?
The products are excellent, technical, and of high quality, combined with very good value for money. But what I want to emphasize even more is the underlying concept of sustainability. ESBE operates with sustainability in focus, aiming for minimal or no impact on the environment, energy savings, and taking responsibility for the next generation. This is expressed through the development of products that save energy and enhance comfort, as well as the use of more environmentally friendly materials.


André Westerbeek, Sales Manager for the Netherlands

How would you describe the corporate culture at ESBE?
It’s a very social company where you receive a lot of support, not only from management but also from employees who are willing to help. For me, it felt like stepping into a warm bath. With very short communication lines, decisions can be made quickly, and we are also very flexible.
How has the development at ESBE evolved since you started with the company until now?
The development has been fast and good; I have been, and continue to be, well supported by management and I’m also involved in the company. I received plenty of support from my colleagues, both in sales and especially in the technical area, not only in Germany but also in Sweden. Yes, you are taken seriously, and it gives a very good feeling.


Do you have a loving memory from ESBE to share?
Yes, on my first day at the office in Germany, my name was on the sign in the hallway, and I was welcomed. It gave an amazing feeling!
What do you think ESBE’s customers find appealing when they hear about ESBE?
I think the feeling is that they genuinely sense that we want to collaborate to help them. The Netherlands is undergoing an energy transition, bringing many changes and questions. And that’s where we can help! We have good solutions to offer, not only in terms of products but (perhaps) even more importantly, providing technical advice that is entirely without obligation. We also offer free brochures with all kinds of information that is very interesting for installers, installation companies, wholesalers, and their employees. We also conduct product training and presentations at the companies themselves.
In what ways would you say ESBE takes significant responsibility regarding sustainability?
Because we use sustainable materials, the lifespan of the products is long. We actively choose to use materials that are less harmful to the environment. Renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, is extensively used in ESBE’s own production. We take responsibility for the next generation, prioritizing health, environment, quality, and safety.
Where do you think ESBE will be in 10 years?
It’s a long time to predict, but ESBE is a company that has been around for almost 120 years and has survived many challenging periods. We are a flexible company with dedicated employees who can quickly change direction, respond to emerging situations, and aren’t afraid to make tough decisions. I imagine ESBE will continue to grow in the market by being responsive to the demands for renewable energy sources and their applications.


Thank you, André!


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