What does a maintenance technician at ESBE actually do? Fredrik Samuelsson knows and he is happy to share his everyday life.


Fredrik Samuelsson has worked at ESBE as a maintenance technician since 2018. He is a trained toolmaker and has previously worked with that type of task.


What does a maintenance technician do? 

“At ESBE, it’s about building prototypes or parts for testing products ordered by the development department. It’s also about creating complementary constructions to existing machines and lines, and creating the associated CAD drawings. Other duties may be to fix machines in the production department or to troubleshoot and correct errors on stationary production lines. I also do some hands-on work such as polishing brass products so that they shine beautifully for product photography.”

Why did you apply for a job at ESBE? 

“It sounded like a job with interesting tasks.”

How come you switched from daytime to night shift? 

“The position came up as an internal job advertisement and I became curious. It felt like a maintenance technician was needed even during the night shift, and it’s really busy at night!


What does a typical working night look like? 

“It’s roughly the same tasks as I had during daytime. For example, I’m working on something ordered from the development department, but if/when I get a call from some production department, I’ll take the bike and my tools and head over there. There is a good atmosphere on the night shift, and everyone is helping to get production going again.
In fact, the tasks during night time are more varied than during the day because I’m the only maintenance technician on the night shift. Of course, it can be a bit of a headache sometimes, but I simply have to make sure to solve the errors.”

Is there anything at work that feels challenging at the moment? 

“It could be the emergency stops in production. Then, of course, it’s always important that the designs and solutions we develop from maintenance are safe for the production staff.

Is there anything you enjoy or look forward to at work?

“Most of it’s fun and challenging! At ESBE, we in the maintenance department build many solutions ourselves. A lot can be bought, but it is faster, it will be cheaper, and it will be better if we tailor the solution completely to our needs.

What are your best tips for succeeding and enjoying a long time in a workplace? 

“The community with the colleagues and that you dare to take on challenges.”


Do you have a fun memory from ESBE that you can share? 

“Well, we have a rather brutal sense of humor in my department. Safest is to keep the stories to ourselves but there are quite a few good ones! What happens in maintenance – stays in maintenance, haha.”

What characterizes ESBE as an employer? 


What is the best thing about working at ESBE? 

“Personally, I feel that ESBE is a safe place to work in the future as well, I don’t have to worry about my position as a maintenance technician and I enjoy it here.”


How has ESBE developed from the time you started at the company until now? 

“Right now, there is significantly more pressure on all departments. Both the number of colleagues and the production rate have increased. More products need to be released and more colleagues are still needed.

Where do you think ESBE will be in 10 years?

“World leader in our industry, but maybe we already are!?

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