Sometimes there is no choice but to place a bulky product for the building's heating system in an exposed location. In some cases, it may even end up in a place where people pass by every day. With our new FlexBox concept, installations become hidden when using the Manifold Box GMB600, for circulation units. The cabinet can blend in with the interior and even enhance it.


The simple and flexible solution, to enable management of zone heating

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Our product manager Maria Bard tells us more about ESBE's solution, which enables reduced energy consumption and improves both the control and delivery of heating/cooling comfort.
Easy but stylish - ESBE FlexBox concept, Series GMB600 - launched in April!


When using ESBE circulation units in the Manifold Box GMB600, you can divide the property into several heating zones and reduce energy consumption. While at the same time you get both the best comfort in the different zones and have full control!
"It is the need for modern living comfort that requires handling the water-borne heating system correctly and at the same time reducing operating costs. In addition, maintenance must be simple and provide continuity in operation. All in accordance with current laws. It is necessary to be able to separate the zones when there is more than one heating zone in the property. This, in order to be able to handle different supply temperatures during both the heating and cooling phases," says Maria.


The distribution cabinet can be placed anywhere, it is not ashamed of itself

Pre-assembled in the cabinet is a manifold with three circuits. The manifold is designed with a thermal separation between supply and return line and built-in hydraulic separation. The bypass function is easily controlled with a set screw. The cabinet neatly hides the contents while protecting it from dust and dirt. If you want to mount the manifold box a little discrete, it fits in a 200 mm standard path. But hanging it directly on the wall works just as well. The white-painted sheet metal box blends easily into its surroundings.
  "In some markets, it is common for products that are included in installations for heating and cooling systems to be assembled in spaces where people live their everyday life. 
There, it is an advantage to be able to "hide" all the products in the cabinet and maintain a clean and stylish appearance in the room. Regardless of whether it is built in or hung on the wall,
" says Torbjörn Lönkvist, development engineer at ESBE, he also explains that the cabinet can be mounted in a 90/180/270/360⁰ position thanks to ventilation valves on manifold.

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Maria Bard and Torbjörn Lönkvist, Sweden

The Circulation Units

For it to work, the cabinet must of course be filled with something besides the manifold. ESBE Manifold Box Series GMB600 functions as a distribution unit and can handle two or three heating circuits, with optional shunt groups. Circulation Units from ESBE Series GxA300, DN20 fit perfectly, both uninsulated and insulated. Read more about the three different variants of ESBE Circulation Units for Flexbox  >>


Malgorzata Smuczyńska, Polen




Why should I choose ESBE's Flexbox?

Malgorzata Smuczyńska, Sales Director – Sales Region East tells;

 “In Poland, underfloor heating is installed in many properties, especially new single and two-family houses and small terraced houses. A nice looking flexbox would be a great solution for such properties, in which the investor often gives up a separate boiler room and wants to increase the living area. We see that the ESBE series GFA394 is often used here to keep the flow temperature at the set level regardless of pressure drop or flow volume. The thermostatic valve has a scalding-proof* function, which is important to protect underfloor heating pipes and also the floor itself”.

Read more about ESBE circulation units equipped with thermostatic mixing valves and designed for heating circuits where constant temperature regulation is required.  >>

*) Scalding-proof means that in the event of a loss of cold water, the hot water is automatically switched off.





Stefano Sala, Technical Sales in Italy, is looking forward to the launch of the GMB600.

“It’s long awaited! For Italian market it’s very common to use a flexbox under a condensation boiler directly mounted in the apartment. We use it to subdivide the different heating zone with different supply temperature. The most common combination is a direct pump group GDA311 for radiator or fancoils and a thermostatic pump group GFA311 for underfloor heating”.

Read more about ESBE circulation units with direct supply  >>  and circulation units equipped with thermostatic mixing valves >> 

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Stefano Sala, Italy


Torbjörn gives us some good reasons why he is looking forward to the launch of the GMB600.

“For the end producer, the cabinet means lower installation costs. On the primary side, we have made installation easier by providing the manifold with an extra connection for the feed line. In this way, you can always avoid crossing the pipes regardless of which of the supply and return pipes comes to the right or left. The connection that is not in use is easily plugged with a supplied cap”.

Good for the economy and good for the environment. In systems where a mixing function is required, and where the temperature comfort is set either manually or by adding actuators or controllers, there is the ESBE series GRA300. Read more about ESBE circulation units with actuators or controllers  >>

Maria Bard, product manager at ESBE, summarizes
"You easily adapt the amount of circulation units that are needed for the system and let them work independently of each other or as complement to each other. The FlexBox concept is quite uncomplicated to handle, as they are prefabricated units that are put together in the cabinet, according to the needs of the system and the user. The function provides both maximum energy efficiency and high comfort. In addition, it has a nice white powder-coated surface and is easy to assemble.”
Delivery start on April 1, 2024!
Read more about our new product ESBE Manifold Box - Series GMB600 here  >>

The simple and flexible solution, to enable management of zone heating