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At the end of August 2021, there was a grand opening of ABB’s Random Bin Picking Center as part of ABB’s global Solution Center for machine tending. ESBE is one of the references. » Watch the video and take part in ESBE’s views on Random Bin Picking

What is Random Bin Picking about? And how does ABB work with the technique? Andrea Cassoni, Managing Director of the ABB Robotics General Industry Business Line, explains:

“The opening of our new Random Bin Picking test facility is an important milestone in our efforts to unlock automation for processes in industries which have historically been difficult to automate. Accurately handling randomly placed parts quickly and efficiently will dramatically improve the flexibility of parts feeding. Compared to traditional systems, our automated Random Bin Picking solution leads to efficient material handling which means a significant payback for our customers, often in less than 12 months.

Dennis Helfridsson, Business Area Manager for Robotics & Discrete Automation and CEO of ABB Sweden, adds:

“The fact that the new center offers testing and pilot studies of Random Bin Picking, in addition to traditional picking with a robot, is unique and means great opportunities for our customers to easily obtain the most optimal production cell before construction begins. It’s well in time and reflects the strong technological development that now prevails in 3D vision and the driving force of companies to want to robotize and increase their productivity. Furthermore, it provides great benefits for our customers to be able to test their products and gain a greater insight into the automation cell’s capabilities before delivery.”

ESBE is a selected reference for Random Bin Picking
To illustrate how well Random Bin Picking works in production, some references were selected by ABB. ESBE has not yet chosen to invest in the technology, but evaluates the next step to take. ESBE’s production engineer Daniel Mortensen summarizes the use as follows:

“Random Bin Picking is something I’ve read about for a few years but which I have not yet had the pleasure of trying. Now we have installed ABB’s robot cell FlexLoader with 3D vision, which gives us completely new conditions. In my opinion, Random Bin Picking will be a big part of the manufacturing industry in the future.”