We asked Henrik Lindfors, OEM salesperson, which is his favorite in the ESBE range. Maybe it will be your favorite too?



Henrik Lindfors lives in a house with his wife and two children. A geothermal heat pump with inverter control heats the family's house. We decided to find out which of all ESBE products is his favorite.

One of the words in ESBE’s core values is energy saving, what does that mean to you?

For the private part, this means right now that we have lowered the indoor temperature in the house by one degree with good results. In my job as a salesperson, energy savings can be seen in the number of products sold as virtually all of our sales end up in renewable energy types, for example heat pumps, wood and pellet boilers and district heating.

Which ESBE product is your favorite?

The actuator ARA.

Tell us more about it, what kind of product is it?

It’s an actuator, a motor, that is put on a valve to mix or regulate.

What is so good about this product?

Series ARA is one of ESBE’s great successes and has a robust basic construction. The series provide an extremely flexible platform. It can go at different speeds, is different in strength and can be fed and controlled in many different ways. For me as an OEM salesperson, this means a product that can be easily tailored to the customer’s needs.


Do you have any good tips/areas of use where the product is suitable?

On a 3-way valve, it can be controlled by an advanced BMS (Building Management System) with 0-10 V and be part of the heating system in a commercial property.

On another 3-way valve, it can be the brains and brawn to keep a family using a wood boiler warm in the winter.

Another variant does a good job in the important food production where it’s a workhorse in the grain dryer application.
The ARA also contributes to the ongoing energy transition through a variant that is approved for heat pumps with refrigerants that have an extremely low environmental impact.
Refrigerants are more or less explosive and ESBE offers products that meet safety requirements while being sophisticated in its communication with the customer’s control system to achieve the greatest possible energy efficiency.


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