Jochnicks and ESBE enjoys collaborating. What is it that Daniel Gustavsson, project manager at the plumbing company Jochnicks, finds so exciting at ESBE?

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At ESBE we have built a close collaboration with some of the local contractors. One of the companies who frequently works at ESBE is the plumbing company Jochnicks, from Värnamo. A company with solid experience from industrial service and competence in installation, project management, planning, construction and energy conservation.
The person from Jochnicks responsible for ESBE is Daniel Gustavsson, who we met up with to get to know a bit better!

The cooperation

Over the years Jochnicks has carried out a lot of work at ESBE. Daniel have been with us on and off since 2019. From the beginning as a plumber, and then moving on to project manager. Daniel remembers one day in particular very well. It was when Christer Skogsfors called and proposed a collaboration between ESBE and Jochnicks, where Daniel would act as project manager. Daniel accepted the offer, but it wasn't until later that he realized the full scope of the project. It wasn’t just a rebuild or repair job it was all about, but the huge extension of 2500m². Following that, it has been a steady flow of a lot of large and small projects.
“ESBE and Jochnicks have a unique concept for a collaboration of this size”, says Daniel. “We plan and manage together. We’re straight with each other, and without consultants involved the financial terms are predictable and allows us to focus on delivering a good result.”





Sustainability work and innovation

“There’s always exciting things happening here”, Daniel says with a smile on his face and gives us a short rundown of some of the latest project in addition to the extension.

► Conversion of the boiler from oil to fossil-free fuel. 
► In the development department, Jochnicks has been responsible for building a rig where chemicals, water properties and particles are tested. 
► Another project is a rig where you simulate the product’s life span and, among other things, test leaks.
► A new rig for hot water and pressure test is incoming, and the project will get started during this spring.
► A project for stormwater in an adjacent building owned by ESBE is its planning phase.
“Meanwhile, the routine work with service and maintenance of existing rigs, heating and water systems, machinery and so on, is ongoing throughout the company”, Daniel says and adds, “working for ESBE feels like a constant ongoing sustainability thinking”.


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Jochnicks Rör

The foundation of Jochnicks Rör has a rich and varied history that was laid over 100 years ago by the companions Jochnick and Norrman. Harald Jochnick and Erik Norrman were two proper profiles who during their lifetime strongly contributed to Värnamo’s development into a significant industrial location. 
The company started out as a mechanical workshop, manufacturing shapers, lathes, refrigeration units, and construction equipment. Later on they also got the rights to a ball bearing construction. The plumbing part of the company, as it is today, took its form after a division of the company in 1976, and became Jochnicks Rör. In 2023 the company was acquired by a larger investment company. A young company that coordinates installation companies and helps them grow by adding strength and width. “Exciting for Jochnicks”, Daniels says, who sees no major changes in his work, and he has great confidence in the new owners.

Test centre and a rig under construction 👇

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The circulation unit GRB300





Ideas and thoughts that become reality

Daniel tells us about an occasion in connection with the extension of ESBE’s factory in 2019, where he wished that there were circulation units with a constant secondary flow and low kvs for i.a. the heat recovery battery that would be installed in the new building. A need that also existed among some of Jochnicks other customers. At this time such a product didn’t exist in ESBE’s product range.

Daniel was put in touch with Fredrik Ramde, head of Swedish sales, who also had received the same “vibes” from other directions for a long time. The project got off to a flying start, and Fredrik says that “with a bit of our own solutions from sales and technicians, we managed to find a compromise based on the requested material”. After this, the GRB300 project was started. Fredrik says that “the Swedish sales force is very happy with how well it turned out, and we can, among other things, thank Jochnicks and Daniel for that who confirmed the demand”. At the moment the GRB300 is only available on the Swedish market.



Plumber at Jochnicks

We also meet with Peré Pettersson, plumber at Jochnicks, who is working with the construction of a new rig at ESBE’s development department. You could almost call him the ESBE’s in-house plumber when it comes to plumbing, as he has been at ESBE almost every day the past two years! He tells us:
“I have been here a lot in the recent years. It’s unique for me as a plumber to basically be stationed at the same location. This is usually because the project is larger or complex. Take the construction of the testing rigs at the development department as an example. At a first glance, the drawings don’t give a precise idea of what result you will get. We get the conditions and know the purpose of the rig. But as it takes shape, you have to figure out which parts to mount and how to mount them for the rig to work. It’s challenging and fun”. 
Both Daniel and Peré have positive experiences using ESBE products. Peré mentions the thermostatic mixing valves that are installed at many customers.
“Then we have the ESBE controllers in the CRx200 series, that are very simple to install. You basically just tape the sensor to the pipe and it works”, Daniel says.

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Peré Pettersson working

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The future

It is projected and planned for further projects, rebuilds and extensions at ESBE. Daniel is looking forward to a continued good collaboration, and so do we at ESBE.
Thank you, Jochnicks!


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