When you require exceptional flow control with Swedish-manufactured and fully tested products - acquaint yourself with ESBE’s range of control valves and actuators.


ESBE is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of valves and actuators. Our products are characterized by high quality, innovation, and exceptional performance. The passion for producing sustainable and energy-efficient products has driven us forward for over 100 years.
Our extensive range includes everything from rotary valves, refining heating comfort in millions of homes across Europe, to our intuitive circulation units – smooth plug-and-play solutions for efficient heat distribution and temperature control.
In the product portfolio, you’ll also find our linear range consisting of high-performance control valves with matching actuators. These products are commonly used in large properties such as apartment complexes, industrial facilities, sports arenas, and hospitals. They are used to regulate flows in air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems.

ESBE achieves success together with partners

ESBE’s Sales Manager for the Swedish market, Fredrik Ramde, explains that the linear product range differs slightly from ESBE’s other product ranges. Or, to be precise, it’s more about the customer groups being more pronounced here.
“The customer groups for our linear program are very knowledgeable and well informed. Primarily, I’m talking about three customer groups, or partners as we prefer to call them. In no particular order, I’m talking about:

One: Consultants who design major HVAC projects.
Two: OEM partners who deliver, for example, district heating substations and district cooling substations.
Three: Resellers/wholesalers who supply installers with products.” 



The image shows the ALF actuator mounted on the control valve series VLB335. What’s the task for this perfectly matched pair? Answer: Precise regulation of the forward temperature on a heating main supplying heat to production halls.

Fredrik Ramde.jpg



ESBE’s control valves and actuators are designed for big tasks

Just like with ESBE’s other ranges, the control valves and matching actuators are easy to install. They are developed to provide optimal performance in all types of heating and cooling systems. Fredrik gives some examples:
“If we explore ESBE’s control valve series VLA, it’s used to regulate fluids in air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems as well as in various industrial processes. The VLA series offers both 2-way and 3-way control and is known for its robust construction and long lifespan. For optimal performance, you can complement the VLA valve with one of our linear actuators. Furthermore, you can be confident that the VLA series can handle a variety of fluids, including hot water, chilled water, and fluids with antifreeze agents like glycol or brine. If we instead acquaint ourselves with the control valve series VLE122, it’s made of high-performance bronze and is ideal for use with the ALFxx4 actuator. Together, they can form a powerful combination for district heating substations connected to heat pumps, where they easily control the flow through the heat exchangers.
In short: explore ESBE’s range of linear possibilities and discover how the valves and actuators can optimize your systems.”



The Replacement Guide helps you find the right ESBE valve

From Fredrik, we learn that ESBE has a Replacement Guide that helps the installer (and others) find replacement products for both ESBE’s older models and other common brands on the market, complete with article numbers! The guide can be read online or downloaded as a PDF.
“An example of this is the specially designed control valve series VLE325, which regulates flows up to 16 bar. This valve series is adapted to the recommendations for reduced power requirements. VLE325 has identical dimensions and flange connections as the older STL valve. By replacing the older valve, energy savings are made for both property owners and district heating plants.”

Thanks, Fredrik! 
If you as a reader want to know more about our linear program, you are welcome to browse through our brochure » 

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