ESBE Technology Center


A product from ESBE must provide the user with energy savings, enhanced comfort and safety. So as to ensure this becomes a reality, the product needs to meet our stringent requirements.

ESBE Technology Center is one of the leading testing centres of its kind in Europe. The centre is an important hub for both ESBE's product development and the company's OEM projects. Four research and testing engineers work in close collaboration with ten or so colleagues in joint projects to support the development of future ESBE products.



ETC lays the foundation for future success

The test equipment park at ESBE Technology Center (ETC) is very extensive and we perform both performance and long-term tests in accordance with the market's current directives and requirements. We are able to build entire systems with our products and test them at up to 16 bars of pressure. The test procedures meet international standards, but we also use routines that we have created together with our largest customers.

ETC is a necessity for ESBE to be able to maintain its leading position in the market. Tomorrow's technology is being developed here today, with the aim of creating products that give property owners big savings, while at the same time reducing their environmental impact.




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