ESBE Certifications & Recognitions


ESBE believes that quality is defined by you as the customer. Therefore, everyone within the company always strives for complete customer satisfaction and continuous development.

ESBE is a genuine Swedish industrial company with its roots in the soil of Småland. We have always worked in the same location and our heart beats hard for Swedish production. “Made in Sweden” is not only a quality mark from a global perspective but also something we actively work to maintain. It is our firm opinion that quality is defined by our customers – and this means that we are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. We keep an ear to the market and are driven by the understanding of our customer’s needs. We seek to exceed their expectations!


ESBE’s Certifications 

How can you really be sure we’re keeping our promises?

ESBE AB has been both quality and environmental certified for many years ( ISO 9001 :2015 and ISO 14001 :2015 ). To ensure that the employees’ health and safety comply with international standards for the working environment, ESBE AB is certified according to ISO 45001:2018. The purpose of this standard is to reduce work-related injury and ill health. The certification shows, among other things, that we have a standardized and well-structured way of working regarding the handling of work environment-related issues, including clear forums for discussion and information between employers and employees. In addition to these certifications, we have our own guidelines which encompasses all the quality and environmental impact of our operations. 

The quality assurance policy contains the following points:

  • Via understanding our customers’ real needs, we will offer environmentally friendly products by using methods that respect the environment and that fulfil our customers’ quality requirements.
  • We shall at a minimum comply with the requirements of statutes, regulations and other requirements as well as constantly strive for improvements and take measures to prevent polluting the environment.
  • We will engage the entire company in our quality assurance and environmental management and continuously train our employees.
  • We will document and report with transparency on the results of our environmental management.

In order to further ensure that our products’ technical data is accurate, we enlist the assistance of the ESBE Technology Center to validate the products. If necessary, we also conduct external product tests at authorised testing institutes.  

REACH and RoHS statements

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH is a Regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals. The REACH Regulation applies in all Member States without needing to be transposed by national rules and thus acts as common legislation throughout the EU.

RoHS stands for Restriction of [the use of] Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The RoHS Directive aims to reduce risks to human health and the environment by replacing and limiting specific hazardous chemical substances in found electrical and electronic products. The Directive also has the objective of improving the design of electronic products with environmentally safe profitable and sustainable recycling in mind. 

You can download ESBE’s RoHS and REACH reports / SCIP numbers

Information concerning Conflict Material    
You can download ESBE’s information about conflict material from here (in English, link). 

Product declarations and certificates
You can find ESBE’s certificates and product declarations on our website. If there is anything you need, please contact your regular ESBE contact. If you are not sure whom to contact, feel free to contact Customer Service at the headquarters office.

ISO 9001 2015

ISO 9001 2015

ISO 14001 2015

ISO 14001 2015.jpg

ISO 45001 2018

ISO 45001 2018.jpg

Electronic waste is dealt with in accordance with the WEEE Directive

ESBE has agreements with recycling companies in Europe that take responsibility for waste from electronic products in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive (2010: 1075 regulation of producer responsibility to promote re-use, recycling and other forms of recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment).
Download ESBE’s WEEE report from here.


ESBE’s Recognitions  

Triple A Credit Rating

Bisnode’s credit rating model is an industry leader and has been in existence since 1989. The model is based on a well-proven statistical method with over 2,400 decision-making rules and is used as a common rating standard for all Nordic countries. The credit rating is based on a combination of four areas: ability to pay, finances, age/business segment, and owner/management. Bisnode’s credit rating serves as both an acknowledgement of mark and a proof that ESBE is a secure and fiscally responsible creditworthy trading partner. Only three percent of all limited liability companies in the Nordic countries hold this rating.


Sweden’s Best Managed Companies 2020, 2021 and 2022

Best Managed Companies (BMC) is a part of a global initiative to recognise companies with advanced management ideas with a quality award, and in Sweden is awarded to Swedish companies based on criteria that assesses strategic direction, ability to execute corporate culture and business performance. The award was originally established by Deloitte in Canada in 1993 and has since been established globally in over 20 countries. In Sweden, the BMC has been awarded by Deloitte in cooperation with NASDAQ since 2018.


Read what ESBE’s President/CEO has to say about being recognised with Sweden’s Best Managed Companies 2022 Award


Export Hermes 2020 

With the focus on highlighting the importance of global trade and encouraging companies that contribute to strengthening Sweden abroad, the Fonden för Exportutveckling (Swedish Foundation for Export Development) awards the Export Hermes title. Since 1981, over 50 successful companies have received the prestigious award. The criteria used for assessment for companies based in Sweden are substantial export trade, history of profitable growth, international expansion, stable finances.

Read what ESBE’s President/CEO has to say about being recognised with the Export Hermes 2020 Award

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