Sometimes things turn out the way you want them to! Anatoliy and his family have created the future they dreamed of in Sweden. He is now celebrating 10 years as Area Sales Manager at ESBE. Although, thoughts often turn back to his former homeland Ukraine, and what can be done to support them.


Before emigrating to Sweden in 2011, Anatoliy worked in Ukraine as a sales and operations manager for a sales company in the capital Kiev. With a background in various sales and business development industries, he neared a dream to work more with technology, commerce, marketing, and international customers. Anatoliy and his wife Yuliya moved to Flemingsberg where they managed languages and university studies. And so, a job advertisement popped up, with the dream job for Anatoliy. He applied, and the job was his - at ESBE in Reftele. Soon after, the move to Småland took place. From Kiev, a city with 2.8 million inhabitants, to Flemingsberg and then on to Värnamo with 34,000 people. A big change, but Anatoliy tells that he is extremely happy that he got the chance to work with what he dreamed of.



Meeting with customers at the ISH fair in March 2023

But, what is it that makes the job so interesting?

•    I work in many different countries and diverse cultures where I constantly get to experience and learn something new. It is exciting to build contacts with new customers and develop relationships from scratch to long-lasting ones. says Anatoliy and continues: 
•    The collaboration at ESBE is important to me and we have good collaboration between the different departments. I collaborate a lot with my manager, we discuss all sorts of questions about customers and markets. Customer service are close colleagues and they help out with various questions and challenges. Without the help of the Marketing/Communications department, the Product managers and the staff in the Development department, it would be difficult to take some business forward. When I'm at ESBE in Reftele and we do our factory tour with customers, I meet the production staff that I am very proud of. With the staff at Unloading I can always get the support I need to get samples or shipments to customers and partners. As we say: "Together as ONE ESBE".


Anatoliy received a valued customer from Greece, who came to visit in May.

With the right tactics, we build good relationships

But there are challenges as well. Like finding the right key for customers from countries with different business cultures and then continue building good and well-functioning relationships.
The great entrustment Anatoliy has from ESBE and his manager Fredrik Ramde gives him confidence and opportunities to take personal responsibility. He sees his genuine interest in other people and customers as a very good quality in his role as a salesperson. It is important to be able to cooperate and to communicate in a good way. The desire to always learn something new is also a quality he is proud of and which he feels is important in a sales organization.


The present and thoughts about the future

Anatoliy has now worked for just over 10 years at ESBE. He has reached the age of 42, he is blessed with a daughter named Veronica and moved to Nacka with his wife Yuliya and cat Molly. Here he enjoys walking by the sea, playing tennis, going to the gym or go fishing in the sea. If it's cold and dark outside, he likes to sit in his home and read a good book.

strand Finnboda hamn 1_650x650px.jpg



He is of course worried about his former homeland, where the turbulence and tragedy affects him in his profession as well.

•    Nowadays, I am not in contact with numerous clients that I worked with for many years. Some customers we continue to work with in Ukraine are having a hard time, but they are very optimistic and continue to trade and build plans for the future. It provides hope and joy to see that even under difficult conditions one has the ability to look forward and dream of a better life. Here I see great opportunities also for ESBE to be involved in the reconstruction of the country. Considering sustainability and technology, ESBE can have a leading role in showing the way to a better and sustainable future in Ukraine.

Where do you think ESBE will be in 10 years?

•    I hope and believe that ESBE will continue to be one of Europe's leading manufacturers of products for systems for heating, cooling and potable water. Perhaps four times bigger, with a wider assortment/range of products and with a presence in all countries and on all continents. ESBE has always worked to be a sustainable company. Now sustainability work is a central issue all over the world. We at ESBE can be role models and guides for many in our business. 

10 years at ESBE

In conclusion - how do you celebrate your tenth anniversary at ESBE Anatoliy?

•    With “bubbles” and  maybe a nice present to myself!

And according to tradition, as a 10-year anniversary Anatoliy will also receive a gift from ESBE 😉 

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Anatoliy Yurchuk
ESBE AB, Area Sales Manager