ESBE's product coordinator, Annette Josefsson, enjoys her role where it's important to keep track of technical product information.

Meet Annette Josefsson

Product coordinator at ESBE in Reftele


Is PIM a product coordinator's favorite candy? Answer: No. How many product categories does ESBE have? Answer: 6. Which hockey team's jersey is constantly hanging in one of ESBE's offices? Answer: Brynäs. The answers are short but, accurately, thoroughly, and thoughtfully - just like Annette Josefsson the product coordinator at ESBE, solves all her tasks. 

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The role of the product coordinator
The one who has the best knowledge of the product data published on ESBE's website is Annette. She works to maintain and summarize all the product data that needs to be communicated with the customer. The tasks involve, for example, creating product data sheets together with the product managers and entering product data into ESBE's PIM (Product Information Management) system. PIM is a system that forms the basis for what is displayed on ESBE's website, under the Products section.  
- I make sure that our products are registered and maintained in the Swedish plumbing industry's product portal, the RSK database, and also forward the information to maintain product data in ETIM, an international database for product classification, says Annette.

What is your background/what did you do before starting at ESBE?
I studied a 4-year technical program with a focus on machinery before I got my first permanent job at Forsheda AB as a test engineer, where I later moved on to development and design.
After that, Annette has worked in various positions and with varying tasks. Product design, applications, support, tool design, and technical documentation. Technical support, procurement, and sales. A long list of experiences, before she ended up at ESBE and the Marketing Communications Department in 2005. Annette was known as the "Catalog Queen" at the time when ESBE's catalog was developed, printed, and distributed in large quantities to several countries.

Now I have changed departments and from working with the commercial side, I can now delve more into what I enjoy, the technical side!  
How did you decide to apply for a job at ESBE? 
It was the secure and stable company and the fact that it was located where I live that attracted me. I had worked at ESBE during school breaks and done some internships there, so I was familiar with what it stood for.
Is there anything in your job that feels challenging right now?
We work a lot to follow the customers' and the market's needs for products, it is a constant challenge to adjust our range correctly. 
What is the best thing about your job?
ESBE is a company that is moving forward, and I appreciate that. But the best thing about the job is that I can be myself here at ESBE! It's also nice that I live so close to work and can bike here every day 🙂
Do you have any good tips for staying at the same company for a long time?
Development! Not just regarding products but also personal development and the company's development.

Do you have a funny memory from ESBE that you can share?
It must be the 100-year celebration in 2006. It was very clear from ESBE's side that the whole community should be part of the celebration - both open house during the day and fireworks in the evening. 
What characterizes ESBE as an employer?
It is the humane responsibility from the family that runs ESBE - they want the entire community to be well!
How has the development at ESBE been since you started at the company until now?
In terms of products, the range has grown from three product categories to being double that today. In terms of personnel, we have also doubled in numbers, but in terms of turnover, we have increased approximately 6-7 times.
What do you think ESBE's customers find enticing when they hear about ESBE?
Swedish quality and expertise.
What does sustainability mean to you, and can you influence anything towards better sustainability during your workday?
To me, sustainability means something that applies over time - not just today. If you think and analyse what you do, then everyone can influence something and be an example for others.
Where do you think ESBE will be in 10 years?
That is not easy to predict - I don't know how the market will change, but I hope that we will be a major supplier even for future heating systems.


Where do you and your family live?
My husband and I live in a villa in Reftele. Our daughter also lives in Reftele, while our son has moved to Jönköping.
What is your dream job if you can choose anything from astronaut to president?
When I was younger, I wanted to be a police officer or a car mechanic. If I were to switch careers now, it would probably be something related to gardening.
There may be many who already know, but do you have a special passion for any sport and maybe a team?  😊
It's ice hockey and Brynäs that I hold dear to my heart. Despite being a football girl from childhood to adulthood, my passion for hockey is greater today.
When you're not at work, what do you like to do?
I prefer working in the garden or watching a hockey game, preferably live... in Gävle
If you could have complete control over what happens in the world and the universe, what would happen?
I would eliminate all negative emotions and hatred towards each other - we live here and now together!


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Thank you Annette!


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