Fresh hydro unit


  • All time fresh, vital and hygienic hot water in the demanded volume
  • High tap rates
  • Fast reaction times
  • Lowest calcification risk
  • Legionella flushing function

The Series FSK100 are designed for potable water applications. Equipped with unique hydro block, quick mixing actuator, two pass plate heat exchangers and intelligent controller the FSK100 series are one of a kind. These high sophisticated appliances provide outstanding potable water performance and temperature stability. The FSK100 series set a new standard on fresh hydro units market.

Product range


FSK101 side_B-01.png
FSK101 front_B-01.png Reference Pump Connection A Connection B Connection C Connection D Connection E Connection F G [mm] H [mm] I [mm] Weight [kg]
64000100 FSK101 Wilo 25/7,0 G 1" G 1" G 1" G 1" G ½" G ½" 600 400 304 20,0
Installation support

Installation examples

Installation examples
Fresh Hydro Unit
Fresh Hydro Unit with accessories
Technical data

Technical data

Tap performance: 40 l/min - at 70°C primary;
40 l/min - at 45°C outlet secondary
Plate, heat exchanger (plates): 41
Insulation: EPP
Weight: 20,0 kg
Working pressure, potable water: 1 MPa
Working pressure, heating: 300 kPa
Media, Heating water: in accordance with VDI2035
Media, Water/Glycol mixtures: max. 50 % (above 20% admixture, the pump data must be checked)
Media, Water/Ethanol mixtures: max. 28 %
Media temperature, max.: +95 °C
Media temperature, min.: +2 °C
Connection - Cold water (A): Internal thread G1", ISO 228/1
Connection - Warm water (B): Internal thread G1", ISO 228/1
Connection - Storage tank (C): External thread G1", ISO 228/1
Connection - Storage tank (D): External thread G1", ISO 228/1
Connection - Circulation (E): External thread G½", ISO 228/1
Connection - Flush connection (F): External thread G½", ISO 228/1

Integrated pump

Wilo Para HU25/7-50/iPWM
Power supply: 1~230 V +10%/-15%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 1,8 — 50 W
EEI (Energy Efficiency Index), circulation pump: ≤0,20
Current, nominal: 0,02 — 0,43 A
Speed: 700 — 4700 rpm

optional Circulation pump

Xylem E3-00-3/000 BRU
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 8 W
Current, nominal <0,1 A

Integrated valve

Power supply: 12 ± 15% V DC
Power consumption, standby: 0,6 W
Current peak: 0,8 A


LVD 2014/35/EU
EMC 2014/30/EU
RoHS3 2015/863/EU
SI 2016 No. 1101
SI 2016 No. 1091
SI 2012 No. 3032


Please see Data sheet


Please see Installation instruction
Accessories and spare parts

Spare parts

Art No. Reference Designation Instruction manual
64040100 64040100 FSK908 ESBE FSK908 Plate heat exchanger PBU11/41. download
64040200 64040200 FSK901 ESBE FSK901 Pump Wilo Yonos PARA HU 25/7.0. download
64040300 64040300 FSK907 ESBE FSK907 Controller, Hydro Control. download
64040400 64040400 FSK904 ESBE FSK904 Sealing set. download
64040500 64040500 FSK905 ESBE FSK905 Sensor Grundfos. download
64040600 64040600 FSK906 ESBE FSK906 Exchange kit. download
64040700 64040700 FSK909 ESBE FSK909 PT1000 sensor. download


Art No. Reference Designation Instruction manual
64020100 64020100 FSK803 ESBE FSK803 Circulation pump for Fresh Hydro Unit FSK101 download
Download area

Download area

Type Preview Download
Data sheet FSK100 download
Installation instruction FSK100 download
Dimensioning Dimensioning of the buffer tank, max. PWH and flow resistance download
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, FSK100 download
Certificate Declaration of Conformity UKCA, FSK100 download
Certificate EAC certificate (RU), FSK100 download
Image FSK101, high res download
2D Image FSK100 download
3D drawing (stp file) FSK101 download