Thermostatic mixing valve


  • Excellent accuracy of regulation.
  • Anti-scald and anti-legionella protection.
  • Quick reaction time.
  • Performing under varying pressure conditions.
Series VTA330 is primarily designed to provide a highly accurate temperature regulation in point-of-use positions for domestic hot water, at taps or showers where no further temperature-control fittings have been installed. 
Product range

VTA332, External thread

VTA520 front_A-01.png
VTA520 side_A-01.png Reference Temp. range [⁰C] Kvs Connection E A [mm] B [mm] C [mm] D [mm] Weight [kg]
31150200 VTA332 32 - 49 1,2 G ¾" 70 54 52 46 0,52
31150700 VTA332 35 - 60 1,2 G ¾" 70 54 52 46 0,52
31150900 VTA332 35 - 60 1,3 G 1" 70 54 52 46 0,55
Installation support



Installation example

Installation example


Technical data

Technical data

Pressure class: PN 10
Working pressure: 1,0 MPa
max. Differential pressure, Mixing: 0,3 MPa
Media temperature, max.: +95 °C
Temperature stability: ±1 °C * Valid at unchanged hot/cold water pressure, minimum flow rate 4 l/min. Minimum temperature difference between hot water inlet and mixed water outlet 10°C.
Connections: External thread (G), ISO 228/1
Material, Valve housing and other metal parts with fluid contact: Dezincification resistant brass, DZR
Surface treatment: Nickel-plated


PED 2014/68/EU, article 4.3 /
SI 2016 No. 1105 (UK)
See certificate
ÜA R-15.2.4-22-17605 (AT)


Please see data sheet
Accessories and spare parts

Spare parts

Art No. Reference Designation Note Instruction manual
37000200 37000200 VTA933 ESBE VTA933 Exchange kit VTA330, 32 - 49°C VTA330 download
37000100 37000100 VTA933 ESBE VTA933 Exchange kit VTA330, 35 - 60°C VTA330 download
37100800 37100800 VTA953 ESBE VTA953 Exchange kit series VTA530, 35 - 50°C VTA530 download
37100700 37100700 VTA953 ESBE VTA953 Exchange kit series VTA530, 45 - 65°C VTA530 download
98080480 98080480 VTA903 ESBE VTA903 Adjusting knob, series VTA300 download
98080420 98080420 VTA903 ESBE VTA903 Top knob, series VTA300 download
Download area

Download area

Type Preview Download
Data Sheet VTA330 download
Installation instruction VTA330 download
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, VTA330, VTA530 download
Certificate Declaration of Conformity UK CA, VTA330, VTA530 download
Certificate Building Product Declaration BPD3, VTA330 download
Certificate ÜA R-15.2.4-22-17605 (AT) download
Certificate KIWA-21-DW-10120 download
Certificate EAC certificate (RU) download
Certificate UKRSEPRO certificate (UA) download
Approval PZH-certificate (PL) download
Approval WRAS certificate for VTA330 download
Image VTA332, high res download
2D Image VTA330 download
3D drawing (stp file) VTA332 G ¾" download
3D drawing (stp file) VTA333 CPF 22mm download


Domestic hot water with both in-line and point-of-use regulation.