In Småland’s forest the air is thick with entrepreneurship and strong will. At ESBE we are proud of our local area and all the initiators from here, and we’re not the only ones. Camilla Rinaldo Miller, a member of the Swedish parliament and a resident of our neighbouring village Bredaryd, wanted to show off her home region and its thriving business community to some of her fellow politicians. And what better way to do that than a visit to ESBE?


Last Friday, ESBE welcomed a delegation of members of the parliament and local politicians. The initiative came from Camilla Rinaldo Miller, a member of the Swedish parliament, who said she is proud of the successful business community in the region and wanted to show her colleagues one of these successful companies.
”In my role as member of parliament, it is incredibly important to be out here in the real world and listen to the challenges that exist there”, says Camilla.
One of the guests was Gudrun Brunegård, a member of the Swedish parliament, originally from Kalmar county. She thinks it’s very positive to see and learn more about the everyday life of manufacturing companies, both the joys and challenges, and to get tips on what we need to think about and change in the legislations to improve the conditions.

Another guest, Dan Hovskär, member of the Swedish parliament from Skaraborg county, said:
”You always learn new things during company visits that you can carry with you. It’s very interesting to see how ESBE has developed during the years. Your investment in your staff is impressive, and also that you care about the local community.”

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Camilla and her colleagues listen to Peters presentation

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Peter Cerny led the guided tour of the factory


Guided tour of the factory

Peter Cerny, ESBEs CEO, gave a presentation of the company and then guided the visitors through the different departments.

Camilla was happy and expressed great gratitude for the visit and for what ESBE represents.
“To visit ESBE was a very positive experience. A family business with a strong commitment to the community. They think long-term about how the company should be run, how to include the staff and the clear sustainability work that runs through the entire company. Together we must work for the energy transition to have an impact, not only in Sweden. A very good visit!”

Gudrun agrees with Camilla:
”Very interesting, well organized and an impressive development of a family business”.

We at ESBE reply with a thank you, for showing an interest and a positive attitude towards our company and philosophy.
Long-term thinking, leadership and care.