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ESBE continues to invest in Sweden and adds another 2,700 square meters to the existing 15,000 sqm. Take part in the news by reading the full press release

ESBE expands!

2,700 extra square meters containing possibilities


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The construction at ESBE is now in full swing and things are happening every hour. On a daily basis, around three trucks arrive from Nybro Cementgjuteri with the concrete elements forming the frame. 
To cope with continued expansion, 2,700 square meters will be added to ESBE's factory in Reftele. The new part is expected to be taken into use at the turn of the year 2021/2022.
ESBE Construction 2021 is underway!

The new construction at ESBE is in full swing and things are now happening on an hourly basis. Project Manager Janne Hakkarainen says that project planning has been meticulously carried out in order to make the best use of time, machinery and personnel. It is incredibly important that the project proceeds according to schedule. 


Around three trucks arrive every day from Nybro Cementgjuteri, which is where the concrete elements forming the frame of the 2,700 square metre hall are manufactured. 

From the moment the first truck delivered the first load of prefabricated concrete elements, the workers have been busy erecting and assembling. Right now, four craftsmen are on-site in Reftele assembling the concrete elements, which are lifted into place using the huge construction crane. Meanwhile, the next truck loaded with concrete elements is on the way. Lift, assemble, lift, assemble, and so on. Janne and Nybro Cementgjuteri communicate constantly to ensure that loading and unloading take place at precisely the right time. 
•    The maximum height of the blue construction crane is 66 m and it can lift 60 tonnes. 
•    One roof truss is 24 metres long and weighs 10.3 tonnes, one pillar weighs approx. 1.8 tonnes. 
•    16 roof trusses and 39 pillars will be installed in the building. 
•    There are 151 sections of prefabricated concrete in total with a combined weight of 290 tonnes. 
Enormous weights, large dimensions and impressive craftsmanship!

Projektledare Janne Hakkarainen.jpg

Project Manager Janne Hakkarainen, Tage & Söner

The frame is divided into four sections, two of which were started on Wednesday afternoon during our visit to the construction site. The fitters assemble the blocks using bolts and these are then further reinforced with concrete to achieve a stable underlying construction. If everything goes according to schedule, it will be completed in 10 days’ time, which is next week (week 21). 

The groundwork for, among other things, the sewer trunks and drainage pipes is being carried out in parallel with construction. 
Earlier in the spring, the ditch along the entrance road was drained and filled up to provide accessibility for trucks delivering material to the site. The entrance is also part of the upcoming logistics solution for traffic in ESBE’s factory area. 


Markexploatering Reftele_Final.jpg

The construction process can be easily followed in many ways and it’s exciting when things happen!


2700 square meter is added to ESBE's factory in Reftele to cope with continued expansion. If everything goes as planned, the next phase will start in just over a week, where a load-bearing roofing sheet will be installed at the same time as construction of the exterior elements gets underway. The entire building with the new premises is planned to be taken into use at the turn of the year 2021/2022.





The first ground-breaking ceremony is completed and now 2,700 extra square meters will give ESBE space for better freight flows as well as increased areas for production.

Read what the President and CEO, construction company and project manager say about the expansion and its possibilities.