Below we have answered frequently asked questions from our customers specific for the controller 90C. If you do not find your answers here please contact your closest wholesaler or ESBE Sales company in your country.

The circulation pump connected to the controller 90C is not working. What can be wrong?

It can be several reasons why the pump is not working:
- The outside temperature is above the set summer temperature (summer mode = heating circuit is swtiched off), change in menu 5.1-5.2
- The flow temperature has exceeded the maximum flow temperature, change in menu 14.3
- The controller makes an calibration cycle
- The controller is set into "Off mode" and the heating circuit is switched off, change in menu 4.1
- The pump is not connected electronical correct, see electronic schematics in user instruction
- Check that the circulation pump is connected to the right relay according to specific application.
- The pump is broken, the relay output from the controller can be checked manually in menu 4.2
- For 90C-1 with green display, check that the function is activated in menu 7.7
- For 90C-1 with white display, check that the Pump circulation function is activated in menu 15.7.1

The 90C controller is running continously but shows no regulator function.

The reason for this problem is probably that the controller and valve are not assembled correct together:
- Check that the valve is closed then the controller is closed, run the controller manualy to closed position in menu 4.2 and check if valve is closed.
- Check that the valve operation range is correct, menu 15.5.1
- Check that the working direction of the controller is correct, menu 15.5.4

The red light on the 90C is flashing on the front cover.

There are additional information available, read the information by pressing the button to the right on the controller.

It says "ERROR" in the upper left corner of the display on the controller 90C, what does it mean?

The calibration has not sucessfully been completed, start a new calibration in menu 15.5.8.

There is no manual inside the packaging of the 90C, where can it be found?

All 90C controller are sent with an start up guide with the most important information. A complete User instruction can be downloaded in the folder "Download Area" under the product page for 90C.

Is there any additional installation instruction to the 90C-controller?

The installation instruction provided in the packaging of the 90C controller is reduced to a Quick Guide due to packaging issues. A complete installation instruction manual is found on our website in the 90C product section under download area.

The temperature from the sensors are not shown in the 90C display.

Check that the sensors are connected correct according to schematics inside the cover for the connection box.

How can the valve position be changed manually in 90C?

In menu 4.2 are the possibilities to change the valve position manually.

Can the different relay be tested manually in 90C?

In menu 4.2 are the possibilities to start and stop the relay manually.

How is the opening direction changed on the 90C?

In menu 15.5.4 is it possible to change the opening direction.

It is too hot/cold inside the house and there is a room unit connected to the 90C.

It can be several reasons why it is too hot/cold inside the house:
- Check if the changeover temperature between summer and winter mode is correct (summer mode = heating circuit is switched off), menu 5.1-5.2
- Check if the curve settings is correct, if it is too hot the curve settings needs to be lower and vice versa if it is too cold, menu 5.3-5.6
- Check if the controller is in "Auto mode" so the day and night settings are used, menu 4.1
- Check the settings for minimum and maximum flow temperatures, menu 14.2-14.4
- Check the influence settings of the room unit, menu 15.6.1
- Check the room reference temperature, menu 15.6.2-15.6.3

Can the controller Series 90C be mounted on valves in Series VRG/VRB and VRH?

Yes, it is possible. The needed Adaptor kit VRG804 is included with the controller 90C. Adaptor kit VRG804 can also be ordered separately as a spare part; article number is 16053700.

How can I mount a used 90C controller in a correct way on a Mixing valve?

1.    Controller: Go to menu 4.2, set opening position 50% (Not possible to set 50% in calibration mode)
2.    Valve: Turn the mixing valve to mid-position (desired) and assemble the adaptor kit.
3.    Controller: Assemble the controller to the valve (ensure that there is no handle and that the valve can rotate 360° without any interferences)
4.    Controller: Leave the menu 4.2 manually mode.

Why can't the 90C be used on ESBE valves Series 4F, Series T and Series H?

These series of valves has mechanical stops inside valve but during the calibration 90C controller might run outside working angle and this combination will destroy the controller gearbox.

The different relay are not working according to settings in the 90C.

Try to find the application that is the most look alike the 18 standard applications for the 90C controller. Check that the made settings in 90C are according to recommended settings for that specific application in the User instruction.