Below we have answered frequently asked questions from our customers. If you do not find your answers here please contact your closest wholesaler or ESBE Sales company in your country.

What is the main difference between the ESBE controllers?

ESBE series CRA110* & CRA120 is a constant flow temperature controller.

ESBE series CRA140* is a combined constant flow temperature and return temperature controller.

ESBE series CRA150* is a constant flow temperature controller for combined heating and cooling applications.

ESBE series CRB100* & CUA100 is a room temperature based controller complete with room unit.

ESBE series CRC110* & CRC120 is an outdoor temperature based controller.

ESBE series CRC140* is a combined outdoor temperature and return temperature based controller.

ESBE series CRD100* is a combined outdoor temperature and room temperature based controller.

ESBE series CRS100* is a fast responsive constant flow temperature controller especially developed for domestic hot water applications.

ESBE series 90C* is an outdoor temperature based controller with optional room temperature sensor for combined outdoor/indoor based control. The controller has an integrated actuator with a torque of 15Nm.

* The controller is complete with an integrated actuator.

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What type of actuator/controller fits to my ESBE valve?

How do I change the working direction of my controller?

For ESBE series CRx use the following instructions:

  • Disconnect the power supply.
  • Press the joystick to the right for clockwise or left for counter clockwise opening.
  • Keep the joystick in the desired direction and re-connect the power supply.
  • Keep holding the joystick pressed in the correct direction for two seconds and then release. The direction is now set.

For more information see the installation instructions or specific product page.

How shall the controller be assembled on the valve?

- Set the valve in midposition according to valve User instruction
- Assembly the controller on the valve according to controller User instruction
- Power up the product first after you are sure about correct assembling

The actuators and controllers are always delivered in midposition from ESBE.

How can i mount a used CRXxxx controller in a correct way on a Mixing valve?

  1. Controller: Activate manual operation mode and turn the knob (= the gear box) to the mid-position.
  2. Controller: Remove the knob by pulling it out from the controller. Make sure to not rotate the position set in point 1 during removal.
  3. Valve: Turn the mixing valve to mid-position (desired) and assemble the adaptor kit.
  4. Controller: Assemble the controller to the valve and fix it with the M5 bolt.
  5. Controller: Re-place the knob on the controller and gently push it down as you rotate the knob to find its correct position.


The display doesn't show anything, what can be wrong?

- Check that the power supply to the controller is correct
- Contact your local distributor
- Contact customer service 

What is T2 and what can it be used for?

T2 is the "alternative" temperature, T is the "normal" temperature
T2 can be used if you would like to have a different temperature part of the day/night for example a lower indoor temperature during night time